Biopharmaceutical & Drug Delivery  Consulting, LLC

Delivery Solutions for Small Molecules and Macromolecules

​​​​​​Training seminars/short courses : A cost-effective option to train a large number of employees in biotech/pharma companies  and other organizations

These online or on-site training seminars/short courses on contemporary topics in drug development consist of the following three parts :

Applying Enabling and Commercially Validated Drug Delivery Technologies and Formulation Tools for the Development of Poorly Soluble Molecules (BCS II/IV).

Advancing Oral Peptide Therapeutics (BCS III) from Bench to Clinic and Commercialization.

Nanodispersions for Parenteral Drug Delivery and Targeting. 

Topical and Transdermal Drug Development .

Areas covered in these programs include : general overview, delivery technologies to consider and assessment strategies, preformulation, formulation development and manufacturing aspects, quality control and other product development considerations and case studies.

One, two or all four training seminars or short courses each of which lasts 90 or 180 min including Q&A can be provided and tailored to the specific needs of a particular group. If desired, these training programs can be combined with a consulting session on the company's projects upon the execution of a one-day consulting agreement which can be extended if needed.  Interested parties, please use the form in the Contact Information page to obtain more information on these programs including cost.